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Benjamin Moore Paints | Bryan, TX
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Benjamin Moore Paints 

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Benjamin Moore & Co. has produced quality paint since 1883, when the young Benjamin Moore, a recent Irish immigrant, began his paint business venture with his brother, William, in a small building in Brooklyn, NY. Today, Benjamin Moore & Co. continues to develop and produce new paint products, such as Pristine, a solvent-free, low odor, low VOC, water-thinnable coating system that utilizes our own advanced materials technology.  

Glidden Paint | Bryan, TX
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Glidden Paint 

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Whether you just want to touch-up your walls – or you are looking to give your room a whole new look – Glidden offers a family of brands to meet your unique painting needs. 

Sikkens Coating Systems | Bryan, TX
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Sikkens Coating Systems 

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Simply Beautiful Woodcare Products For Your Wood Home 

Modern Masters® Paint | Bryan, TX
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Modern Masters® Paint 

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Modern Masters Inc. manufactures metallic paint and decorative/faux products. All products are water base and non-hazardous. 

Minwax® | Bryan, TX
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Wood adds warmth to any home. From gleaming hardwood floors to glowing doors and molding, Minwax® products help you bring the beauty of wood into your home in a way that complements your lifestyle. 

Dura Seal™ | Bryan, TX
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Dura Seal™ 

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Our product line includes stains with a high solids content, for deep color and exceptional sealing action, and transparent finishes which can withstand brutal wear and punishment. 

Xim Primers | Bryan, TX
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Xim Primers 

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XIM Products, Inc. manufactures specialty primers, sealers, coatings, coatings additives and surface preparation products 

Zinsser Paints & Coatings | Bryan, TX
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Zinsser Paints & Coatings 

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Zinsser earned industry recognition as a product innovator, creating new products – and new product categories . 

Old Masters Stains | Bryan, TX
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Old Masters Stains 

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Wood finishing and refinishing products including stains, varnishes, polyurethane and removers for woodworking projects, wood floors, fine furniture and fiberglass doors. 

Insl-X Specialty Paint | Bryan, TX
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Insl-X Specialty Paint 

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Insl-x is headquartered in Stony Point, New York, with distribution centers in Clearwater, Florida and Aurora, Illinois. 

Devoe Paint | Bryan, TX
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Devoe Paint 

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Devoe paint is a complete and comprehensive program of specially-formulated coatings for every application: residential, architectural, commercial, and industrial. Devoe products are used in nearly every market segment: schools, universities, office buildings, homes, hotels, and convention centers, for example. 

Ralph Lauren Paints | Bryan, TX
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Ralph Lauren Paints 

Ralph Lauren Paints are formulated to offer superior durability, coverage, color consistency and ease of application. 


Sooner or later, you’ll need to repaint that room -- the one that has become outdated, must be converted to a new use or needs to be redecorated.

Doing so is an opportunity to realize your dream décor, whether it’s a complete makeover or simply creating a certain feeling you want through new colors.

Painting is one of the most economical ways to make a noticeable difference in your home. Instead of investing in costly new furniture and accessories, homeowners can spend minimal dollars to paint their walls and ceilings to create a fresh change in their surroundings..

In fact,  66 percent of 1,000 homeowners surveyed said they paint because they grew tired of their current paint scheme. About one-fourth change hues to keep up with the latest decorating trends or to accommodate a change in how the room is being used.

Even for those painting for the first time, the work should not be daunting,  the following advice will help you create your signature look in a room.

The Perfect Color

All the details of a room together, including furnishings, woodwork, lighting, accessories and color, are what make it appealing and inviting.

Ideas for color schemes abound. We suggest you gather examples from sources such as magazine photos of rooms that appeal to you, to schemes you see featured in model homes.

View colors in context of the overall feel of a room and determine why they appeal to you. Is the look contemporary or traditional? Is the room dark or light? Are the colors warm or cool? Playing with color is one of the most exciting aspects of painting, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Blues, grays and greens are soothing, while reds, oranges and yellows are warm and vibrant. Light colors can brighten a room, while darker shades have a “cozying” effect.

The Right Paint

Oil-based paint usually serves as the better choice when you need durability for surfaces that take a lot of abuse, such as trim and doors. It also levels better than a latex paint with fewer visible brush strokes.

If you are painting a wall and ceiling, latex is best and a roller works much better than a paintbrush. It’s faster and leaves a smooth, matte finish.

Tools You’ll Need

The real secret to a good paint job lies in the paintbrush or roller. Quality brushes have bristles that are firmly attached to a metal holder, and the more bristles it has, the more they’ll stay in place. Buy the best brushes you can and clean them when you’re finished to ensure they’re ready for the next paint job. For latex, invest in a roller with a hard core that doesn’t yield. It might cost more than a cardboard-cored roller, but they offer more painting mileage and are easily cleaned with soap and water.

Your hardware store consultant can advise on other tools you’ll need. Among the most common are a scraper, solvent for oil paints, drop cloths, crack filler, sandpaper, masking tape, extra paint bucket and roller tray.


A good paint job is at least 50 percent preparation. Be sure the surfaces are clean, dry, dull, smooth and sound. Dirt, grease, wax, oil, soap film and mildew prevent paint from adhering properly, resulting in uneven texture and poor color distribution.

Wash the surface with soap and water, rinse well and allow it to dry. Mildew can sometimes look like dirt. To remove it, apply a solution of one part bleach/three parts water and allow the solution<

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